Presentation about Second Life Using Stixy

Yesterday I gave a couple of small presentations about Second Life to small groups using Stixy instead of PowerPoint.There wasn’t a lot of time to prepare for these, so I collected images, some were mine and some I found on Flickr, included the proper attribution to the photos and was finished.

Unfortunately, for both presentations I ran into issues flashing my screen to the overhead projector and had to run it is if it were a second monitor. This created some navigation challenges during the presentation, but I thought it was an interesting way to approach the need for overhead display. Personally, I liked being able to see the rest of the images and I felt it gave me some “peripheral vision” as I talked. IT was nice to be able to move things around as I talked too. I’m not sure if the audiences cared either way in the end, though. During one of the presentations the display was way too dark and for the other I had to stand in a terrible location that didn’t allow me to see the screen very well. Those things may have made more of an impact than anything else. I will try this again though.

The presentation is available on Stixy if you’re curious. A note: I did have backup material with me just in case access to the internet wasn’t available during the presentations.

Second Life Presentation Using Stixy