Using Atlas to Scout Ahead


This morning I received an email from FreshLogic Studios, and with all the online services and accounts I have I couldn't quite remember why they were emailing me, so I went to their site to refresh my memory. A few months back I had come across their Atlas application that had a cool tie-in to Twitter so I created an account, voila... question answered.

It turns out Atlas has some other handy features that I hadn't played with before. I'll be traveling the next couple of weeks and took the opportunity to map some driving directions. Normally I would use Google Maps, am glad I tried this instead. (Attention terrorists) Below is the route I'll be driving from Anchorage...

xFruits – Doing More With Feeds


From the web site xFruits is described as:

"...a free online service offering to every user the possibility of:

  • Enriching your home
  • Enlarging your blog's functionalities
  • Creating, generally, your information system from the RSS feed

XFruits makes possible the Mashup RSS creation in a very simple way thanks to the Composer. You can assemble the bricks together so as to build your own feed-based service. "xFruiter" service's users are referenced.

xFruits has been thought of as from its origin to be upgradeable and modular, and thus, to allow a developer's community to take part in the project. Our ambition is to create dozens of new bricks!"

It can aggregate many feeds into a single feed, convert RSS to email for an email alert of new...

Where’s Web2.0?


There are probably a whole lot of Web2.0 collections out there but is certainly the most Web2.0 of them that I have come across. There's a whole lot of time-killin' potential if you're planning on visiting.


A Series of Pipes


Over the past week or so I have been getting re-acquainted with my Yahoo account ever since Flickr decided I needed to tie my two accounts together. Lo and behold I discovered their mashup service Pipes. I can't help but think that the name is a wink to Ted Stevens' tubes - which still makes me turn my head in shame each time I hear it (full context here).

Despite my novice programming skills and lack of desire to read the directions, I was able to cobble together a local search for coffee within 10 miles of a user-provided location - all within about 3 minutes.

More interesting than what individual users can do is...

Making Harry Potter Much Better


Wizard People, Dear Reader - a parody on the first Harry Potter Movie - is a wonderful piece of derivative art work that tickles the funny bone. Thanks to for the lead.